About Kaitlin Zermeno

Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

I have always considered myself a people person, finding myself most at ease when surrounded by friendly faces and storytellers. Though I have never been good with words, I have always felt a strong desire to share, to communicate, to connect- to tell stories. And that's where flowers so graciously come in.

I somehow stumbled into the flower life, picking up a job at a local shop, mostly out of desperation for cash as a young newlywed. I had no knowledge of flowers beyond Valentine's day roses, and frankly had no intention of it becoming my career. I considered flowers to be ordinary and somewhat superficial. I soon started learning of varieties I had never seen, with soft petals + enchanting colors. I slowly began to recognize and appreciate the essence of flowers, and became enamored. I tried my hand at design, and fell swiftly into my niche.

Now few things are more beautiful to me than a bramble of flowers. I have fallen in love with designing in an organic form, allowing each stem to have its moment, trailing delicately or stretching high above the rest, letting them speak. I strive to blend flowers, foliages, and foraged finds in a way that mirrors true environments, whether that be an overgrown forest, a mountainside field, or an English garden.

I've found my wordless way of storytelling. Mixing colors, layering textures, and combining petals to paint a picture, tell a story. I'm continually inspired by my couples, and continually work to reflect their personal connection into each design.  

You can find me flowering away in Chattanooga, Tennessee and beyond.